Spa Treatments

Our commitment to your whole-body wellness includes helping you feel and look your very best. The Sauna Haus offers health spa services like all-natural facials, body wraps, contouring and slimming treatments, as well as innovative therapy that fights the signs of aging and treats cellulite at the cellular level.



Fat Loss & Body Contouring

Cryoskin is a body contouring treatment from Paris that is used for slimming, reducing cellulite, and toning. Cryoskin uses sub-zero temperatures to destroy body fat. We use this science to provide slimming, cellulite and facial treatments with incredible results. When exercise and diet are not enough, Cryoskin is a safe, non-invasive solution for you.

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Endosphères Therapy

Restore, Tone and Sculpt Your Body

Clinically proven, non-invasive treatment improves cellulite, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, water retention, pain and some signs of aging.

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Health Spa Facials

Professional Spa Treatment, Massaging Facial, Natural Skin Care

Rejuvenate your skin and your soul with a relaxing health spa facial treatment at The Sauna Haus. Our certified aesthetician uses only natural, hand-crafted and professional skincare products designed to help destress your skin and leave you looking and feeling your best. We also offer acne extraction services and back facials for active individuals or anyone wanting to get ready for more revealing spring and summer styles.

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Body Wraps, Hand & Foot Treatments

Body Wraps

The refreshing properties of peppermint combine with the hydrating and therapeutic benefits of seaweed for a rejuvenating and energizing body wrap. Great for improving signs of aging, dealing with excessive water retention and easing sore, aching muscles.

Natural Hand & Foot Care

Made with shea butter, jojoba, sustainably farmed palm oil, and essential oils, our plant-based thermotherapy for your hands and feet leaves your skin incredibly smooth. Unlike traditional warm wax treatments, our product contains no paraffin, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, or dyes. It’s ideal for pain relief or to pamper yourself.

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