Posted March 29th, 2020 in Healthy Tips.

Stop Stressin’ Get Movin’

Stop Stressin’ Get Movin’

Stress. We all feel it, especially lately. It’s part of our natural “fight or flight” response and our body’s way of preparing us to respond quickly to a concerning situation. However, when stress becomes chronic, and we don’t find healthy ways to deal with it, we put our bodies at risk.  Stress can trigger headaches, insomnia, muscle tension, heartburn and stomach aches. The longer your body is in a state of stress (constantly releasing stress hormones), your risk of heart attack, diabetes and serious illness skyrockets.

Here’s the good news: you are in control! You can help minimize the effects of stress by finding ways to combat it. We asked around The Sauna Haus and here’s what our staff does to beat back stress.


Lori M.

“Mindfulness and movement keep my stress levels in check.  Living in the moment allows me to stay focused and not let thoughts of the past or the future clutter my mind.  On days when I struggle with that (and I do), I surround myself in nature and get moving.  Physical activities like riding  my bicycle across the countryside or cross-country skiing through the peaceful, wooded trails at Great Bear always bring me back to the present moment and renew my mind, body & spirit.”


Emily K.

When I am feeling stressed, I like to take a coffee break or go for a walk outside. Spending time with family also helps me to get perspective when I’m stressed.


Hannah S.

I like to start each day off with a little yoga and meditation to set the tone for my day – to put my mind in a good place so that I can deal with any stress that may come my way. Yoga and meditation are also how I choose to de-stress at the end of the day, so that I am able to sleep with a calm mind.


Kendall H.

When I get stressed out, I like to go to the gym for a good workout or take a long walk with my dog. There’s nothing better than the unconditional love of a furry friend!


Kendall S.

I like to reduce stress by baking! I love learning healthy swaps to common ingredients to satisfy my sweet tooth (see: stress eating) and nourish my body. My favorite thing to bake is any variation on healthy zucchini muffins!


Lara T.

Whenever I get stressed, I love to go for a jog outside. The fresh air and movement help me take my mind off of any stress, and I always feel relieved after! If the South Dakota weather isn’t behaving, I stay indoors and treat myself to a face mask and a bath!


Stacy N.

My Personal Power Combo: Prayer and Tae Kwon Do. I read my bible and pray daily. It gives me joy and hope through my trials and tribulations. It also allows me to focus on a heart of gratitude and keep my priorities straight. Tae Kwon Do helps me focus mentally but allows me to get exercise and relieve stress by sparring and breaking boards. When I’m done, I feel like a new person, empowered and accomplished, ready to take on whatever life throws my way.